Things to do in Portelet Bay, Jersey

Popular Attractions, Activities and Places to stay in Portelet Bay

Discover Portelet Bay

Portelet Bay is one of Jersey’s best kept secrets, nestled into the south west coast of the island. Portelet Beach is the Marine Conservation Society Recommended Beach of 2014 and once you get the chance to explore it for yourself, you’ll be able to see why.

The island is off the beaten track, meaning that even in the height of summer where tourists flock to the island’s glowing coasts, this bay will still not be busy and you’ll still be able to relax and enjoy the bay’s tranquil beauty.

The beach is covered with golden sand yet at low tide, rock pools are revealed just waiting to be explored. You may be able to walk to L’ile au Guerdain and see La Tour Janvrin, where it is said that the tomb of Phillipe Janvrin, a local sea captain who was banished from the island, lies.

How to get to Portelet Bay

Portelet Bay can be accessed by car with there being a large car park at the top of the bay. The bus routes 12 and 12a also pass. Access to the beach involves walking down some steep stairs so it may not be suitable for those with mobility issues.

Popular things to do in Portelet Bay

  • Swim in the sea
  • Walk along the golden sands
  • Climb the beautiful clifftops
  • Take advantage of this great spot for mackerel fishing
  • Enjoy an ice cream and drink at the beachside café
  • Explore La Tour Janvrin (9986)
  • Discover what creatures roams the rockpools
  • Relax and take in the gorgeous views of the south
  • Enjoy a sandy picnic on the beach
  • Indulge in a well-deserved glass of wine at the pub at the top of the stairs

Best Places to Stay in Portelet Bay

Golden Sands Hotel

From £83pp, you can stay in a glorious 4-star hotel right with beautiful views of the south coast and the sands of St Brelade’s bay just outside your door.

Somerville Hotel

A 4-star hotel with large guestrooms and renowned for its delicious food, stay at the Somerville Hotel only 5 minutes away from Portelet Bay from £60pp.

Beau Rivage Hotel

Self-catering accommodation from £153pp, right in the heart of St Brelade’s Bay and only a 5-minute drive away from Portelet Bay.

The Old Court House Inn

 Stay in this hotel nested in the crown of St Aubin’s Bay, only a 5-minute drive away from £150pp

Things to do in Portelet Bay

There is so much to do in Portelet Bay for all ages and seasons. If you need to burn off some steam, there are plenty of activities you can get involved with. The crystal-clear sea is an ideal place to get some island swimming in with fantastic views. If you’d rather stay on land, you can walk along the beach’s golden sands and explore the rock pools that reveal themselves at low tide. What creatures can you find that lurk in the muddy waters? For those that enjoy being on a boat, the bay is a great spot for mackerel fishing so you can push offshore and see what you can catch!

If the tide is low, you can walk over the L’ile au Guerdain and explore La Tour Janvrin. Discover some of the island’s fascinating history with the story of Phillipe Janvrin and how he was not allowed back on to the island after catching the plague and forced to meet his death on his ship just off the island’s coast.

There is a café and pub that are waiting to welcome you in and give you a chance to sit down and enjoy the beautiful views with a cool drink in your hand and a delicious plate of food in front of you.