Ferries to Jersey

Plan Your Trip: Ferry Routes, Ports, and Tickets

Visit Jersey by Ferry

Traveling by sea to this beautiful Channel Island is a truly unique experience. Not only can you look out the glorious ship windows to see the magnificent capital of St Helier slowing drifting towards you upon your arrival, but you will also be able to feel the gentle bob of the waves underneath your feet and be able to make the most out of not having cramped legroom and assigned seating in the spacious cabins.

Ferry to Jersey Routes

Routes to JerseySailing durationCompany
Poole to Jersey4 hours 30 minutesCondor Ferries
Portsmouth to Jersey10 hours 20 minutesCondor Ferries
Granville to Jersey1 hour 25 minutesManche Iles Express
St Malo to Jersey1 hour 25 minutesCondor Ferries
Carteret to Jersey1 hour 15 minutesManche Iles Express

Condor Ferries is the ferry company that travels from two UK ports, Poole and Portsmouth, and sails to Guernsey, Jersey, and St Malo. In addition, Manche Iles Express is a ferry company that travels to Jersey from different destinations in France.

You will be able to book the option of ferry travel as part of a package holiday, and if you are traveling on a coach tour, you will no doubt be embarking onboard one of the ferries.

For independent travelers, you can book ferry tickets online, at the port, or by phone. Make sure to book your tickets in advance to get the best prices.

Ferry Trips to Jersey

Sailing To Jersey, The Compelte Travel Guide

Ferry Routes To Jersey From The UK And France

Traveling from Poole Port with Condor Ferries, you will take a 4 hour 30-minute sailing onboard Condor Liberation. You can use this time to explore the onboard duty-free shop and restaurant, as well as admire the view of the waves lapping beneath you. The ferry will have a quick stopover at Guernsey on route to allow passengers to enter and leave the boat.

If you are traveling from Portsmouth Port, you will be boarding onto the Commodore Clipper. With sailing duration running from 10 hours and 20 minutes, the Clipper runs a slower service where you can book a cabin and sleep for the night, or if you are taking a daytime sailing, you can enjoy the onboard shop and restaurants. The slower ferry means it is able to travel through rougher weather conditions whereas the faster Liberation service may be affected by strong winds and high waves. Similar to Condor Liberation, the Clipper also stops at Guernsey so you will be able to see the beautiful St Peter Port walls on your journey.

You can get to France from Jersey with Condor Ferries and Manche Iles Express. With Condor Ferries, you will board the Condor Rapide and the service will take around 1-hour 25 minutes to get to St Malo. For Manche Iles Express, you can either embark on a 1-hour 15-minute journey to Carteret, or a 1 hour 25 minute trip to Granville.

Ferry Travel Advice

Traveling by sea could not be easier. Staff at the ports will be able to instruct you where to wait and how to embark on the ferry, whether you are traveling by car or on foot. Condor Ferries recommend that vehicles arrive for check-in at least 90 minutes before their ferry departure time or 40 minutes before for foot passengers.

If you are likely to feel seasick, it may be worth investing in some anti-nausea medication that can be bought in pharmacies. Depending on your travel style, you may want to bring a few things to keep you busy on your journey, whether that be a good book or a game of cards.

The onboard restaurant will mean that you will not need to bring your own food or drink unless you want to as everything you need will be available to purchase onboard.

Tips: Places To Stay In Jersey

You really will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a hotel in Jersey. With around 71 hotels to choose from there are lots of things to consider: Are you looking for a spa hotel to relax and revitalize?

Or perhaps you want a hotel close to the town center in St Helier to avoid getting a hire car?

For those looking for a little more luxury, there is the 5 star Longueville Manor in St Saviour or the Jersey Club Hotel and Spa in St Helier where you’ll find the renowned Bohemia bar and restaurant.

There is an abundance of accommodation styles on the island, whether you want to stay in an all-inclusive hotel, live like a local in a self-catering cottage, or get outside and breathe in the fresh Jersey air on a campsite, there will be something for you! Have a look at the Beauvelande Campsite in St Martin for a camping experience a little different to most with glamping options available.

If a self-catering option is more to your fancy, there are a range of options across the island, from the Discovery Bay Apartments lining the beautiful St Ouen’s Bay (ideal for surfers and water sports enthusiasts) or the modern and stylish Liberty Wharf apartments right in the center of St Helier, ideal for a shopper’s paradise.

Tips: Taking The Car On The Ferry To Jersey

Taking a car to Jersey is a great way to have freedom traveling around the island. By car, you can experience the gloriously rugged clifftops of the north and then venture down to the exciting beaches of the south with no trouble as the island is scattered with free car parks.

Taking a vehicle also means that you are less restricted with how much luggage you can take – you will be able to fill your car as much as you need to – don’t forget to save some room for some shopping! You can book on different sized vehicles so if you are taking a van and are a keen cyclist or surfer, you can take your own equipment with you.

Crew members will be there to lead you onto the ferry and will carefully show you how to park safely on the ship. You will be pleasantly surprised by how smooth the embarking and disembarking the ferry is.

Tips: Taking Pets On The Ferry

Jersey is a great destination to bring your beloved pets, with an abundance of animal-friendly hotels and restaurants, as well as a grand selection of gorgeous beaches and countryside spots for walking.

If you are traveling by foot, your pet will need to be in an RSPCA approved carrier which will be stored in a dedicated area on the car deck.

If you are taking a vehicle, you can leave your pet inside your car or van. Make sure you leave the windows slightly open to allow them to breathe and some water. Do not forget to disable your car alarm as to not panic your pet!

Tips: Do I Need My Passport?

A passport is not required when traveling between the UK and Jersey – you do, however, need a valid ID card such as a driving license. If you intend to travel onwards into continental Europe, you will require a passport as usual. Upon arrival in your UK destination, you may be asked to show your ID again.

Popular Ferry to Jersey Questions

You can travel to Jersey by car by taking a ferry. With travel companies Condor Ferries and Manche Iles Express, you will be able to board the ferry in your vehicle and drive it off at the other end!

The length of your journey depends on what route you take. From Poole Port, the journey time takes around 4 hours 30 minutes. From Portsmouth, sailing could take up to 12 hours. From France, the journey is much shorter with travel times taking anything from 1 hour 15 minutes, depending on where your onward destination is.

Jersey is 465 kilometers from France or 289 miles.

Jersey is approximately 356 kilometers from the closest point in England or 221 miles.